For participants in EVOTION

Thank you for participating in the EVOTION H2020 research project. On this page you will find a lot of useful information about the projects’ background, as well as helpful documents and video tutorials to ensure that you can use the EVOTION phone and hearing aids optimally.

EVOTION aims to collect ‘big data’ from hearing-aid users to inform public health policies for better care of hearing loss.

The EVOTION platform and its purpose

The EVOTION project collects data about your hearing in every day life.

Your EVOTION Hearing Aid(s) connect to EVOTION App and phone to the EVOTION cloud and through this interface you can:

  • Self manage your hearing aid settings
  • Perform Auditory training
  • Be alerted of potentially adverse sound levels
  • Monitor your hearing

How does EVOTION work?

The figure below illustrates the technical backbone of the EVOTION project: the EVOTION cloud. On the left side the hearing aid user is depicted with the devices he uses during the study. At all times (s)he has the smartphone in his pocket which is wirelessly connected to the hearing aids and the wristband. The data that is collected on the phone is send via a secure connection to the EVOTION data centre. On the right hand side, the clinical partners can also insert more data into the EVOTION cloud. The policy makers are the last part to the back bone. With the data that is being collected and analysed, they can make informed decisions on new healthcare policies.

The Public Health Policy Makers and Clinicians analyse all the participants data to measure the benefit of interventions and to formulate new policies.

What is Big Data?

The EVOTION project is a worlds’ first: using Big Data to support healthcare policy making.

In this research project, more than 1000 participants are ‘producing’ data, which is uploaded into the secure EVOTION online storage. The data includes a long list of variables that are measured in the hearing aids and the wristband sensor. Every few hours the mobile phone connects with our storage and sends the collected data via a secure connection to be analysed. The term ‘big data’ comes in, because from all participants and all variables the final goal is to collect millions and millions of data points over the course of the project. A truly BIG amount.

Big data can be used to make predictions as well as very well informed decisions. There are patterns in each and every list of numbers, and the more numbers one has, the easier it is to find these patterns.  That’s why we aim to collect that much data: to help make well informed decisions.

Additional information and help

Below you can find additional information. This includes information that you received during your clinic visits, manuals and tutorial videos. You can always refer to those materials if you experience problems or need more information.

Instructions and Manuals

For an introduction to the EVOTION app and an explanation of the daily activities, click on the following link and download the .pdf-document. You can print and keep it for later use.

Quick Guide - EVOTION app

For more information on how to switch programs, and what each program does to the sound of your hearing aids, click on the following link and download the .pdf-document. You can print and keep it for later use.

Quick Guide - Programs

Tutorial videos

Find and introduction video to the app usage here:

You can find a troubleshooting video here, if you have problems with the Bluetooth connection between the EVOTION hearing aids and EVOTION phone: