Athens Technology Center wins European Innovation award

EVOTION partner Athens Technology Center won the Public Award at theĀ ICT Proposers’ Day 2017.

See Nikos Sarris in action presenting TruthNest on stageĀ


Snippet from Eriksholm Annual Report 2016


Together with our colleagues in the eHealth research group, we succeeded, in the highly competitive H2020 framework, to win funding for the 5 MIO EUR EU Horizon 2020 project EVOTION with 12 strong partners across Europe. The overall topic is big data and public health policies, and the consortium focuses on hearing loss as the chronic disease and smart hearing aids as a primary intervention. Recognizing that all treatments centre around the person with hearing loss in collaboration with a clinician, while at the same time the public health policies span many individuals with hearing loss, EVOTION connects stakeholders from end-users and clinicians, to public health authorities. The project started in November 2016 and runs for 3 years


EVOTION consortium in front of Eriksholm Research Centre at the kick-off meeting in November 2016

Optimizing the user experience

In a related project co-funded by the Copenhagen Centre for Health Technology (CACHET) we investigate and focus on optimizing the user experience for interacting with hearing devices. This project has already provided some interesting insights into how people utilize hearing aid technology, and it proves the huge benefit of being able to see how technology is being used in the real world. The CACHET and EVOTION projects mark a new area where the research takes place in the field where the hearing device is an active component in collecting the data. As researchers, we always rely on data, and the new possibilities to extend lab data with real world data is a huge step forward.


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