EVOTION Advisory Board

The EVOTION Advisory Board members are:

  • Mark Laureyns, President, European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals
  • Lidia Best, Vice-President, European Federation of Hard of Hearing
  • Christina Papanikolaou, Director of ESY (Greek National Health  System), Unit for Hereditary Hemoglobinopathies Prevention & Genetic Control, LAIKON Hospital, Athens, Greece
  • Jørgen Dirach, Director, LEAR, R&D Academic Partnerships, Novo Nordisk, Denmark

The Advisory Board meets once a year, and UCL hosted the first annual meeting at Royal College of Phycisians in September 2017.

EVOTION advisory board at 1st meeting September 2017

EVOTION advisory board at 1st meeting September 2017.

From left to right members the Advisory Board and EVOTION presenters: Lidia Best, Andrew Smith (CITY), Chrstina Papnikolaou, Niels Pontoppidan (Oticon), Doris-Eva Bamiou (UCL), and Jørgen Dirach. Mark Laureyns was excused.

The next meeting is hosted by Univeristy of Milan in September 2018.