Oticon A/S
Niels Henrik Pontoppidan Project Coordinator and Exploitation Manager
Advanced Algorithms linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Niels Henrik Meedom Project and Finance Manager
Project Management linkedin_circle_color-512
Ariane Laplante-Lévesque Principal Investigator
eHealth linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Lukas Tietz Research Assistant
eHealth linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Xi Li Development Engineer
Advanced Algorithms  linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate


University College London
Dr Doris-Eva Bamiou Scientific Coordinator and Ethics Manager
Audiovestibular Medicine researchgate
Mr Giorgos Dritsakis Research Fellow
Music, self-reports, CIs researchgatelinkedin_circle_color-512
Institute of Communications and Computer Systems
Dr Dimitris Koutsoris Quality Assurance Manager
Panagiotis Katrakazas Research Assistant
Biomedical Engineering linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
The City University
Dr. George Spanoudakis Technical Coordinator
Software Engineering linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Dr. Andrew Smith Senior Research Fellow
Public health and policy
Mr Marios Prasinos Research Assistant
Software Engineering linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Dr. Bin Ye Research Fellow
Big Data Analytics linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
University of Athens
Dr. Athanasios Bibas Principal Investigator
Otolaryngology linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Dr. Dimitris Kikidis Senior Research Clinician
Otolaryngology researchgate
Mr. Nikos Markatos Research Assistant
Audiology linkedin_circle_color-512
Dr. Katerina Vardonikolaki Research Clinician
Otolaryngology linkedin_circle_color-512
Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine
Dr. Mariola Śliwińska-Kowalska Dissemination Manager
Audiology/Otolaryngology linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Guy’s and St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust
Dr. Louisa Murdin Principal Investigator
Audiovestibular Medicine linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Athens Technology Center SA
Dr. Nikos Dimakopoulos Work Package Leader
Software Development linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Institute of Public Health for the Osijek-Baranya County
Dr. Dario Brdaric Policy-making Expert
Environmental and Health Science linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Dr. Josip Milas Epidemiology Specialist
Epidemiology researchgate
Pazardzhik Regional Administraion
Ms. Lyubov Trenkova Public Involvement Expert
Regional Development Planning
Universita Degli Studi Di Milano
Dr. Ernesto Damiani Principal Investigator
Big Data Analytics linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Dr. Marco Cremonini Work Package Leader
Security and Privacy Tech. linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Dr. Marco Anisetti Senior Research Fellow
Computer Science linkedin_circle_color-512researchgate
Athens Medical Centre
Dr. Nikos Moschos Data Provision Expert
Business Development linkedin_circle_color-512
Empelor GmbH
Dr. Paschalis Papagrigoriou Hardware Security Expert
Mobile Communication and Security linkedin_circle_color-512